Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Please Help My Kids

I need cooking lessons or a Sister Wife.

Note. I know. I know. I harp on this topic of meal creation being the bane of my existence. "It's not that hard." Easy for you to for you is an innate skill. It's something that has been ingrained in your being that you were either taught, or picked up through some sort of June Cleaver osmosis. Whatever it is, I didn't get it.

Tonight, there was a special event at my son's school for Summer Camp participants. I wasn't planning on going, because I wasn't planning on spending the evening running after and corralling my overly adventurous 3 year old. I did, however, have a moment of pause when I heard there was going to be a Taco Truck.

Do you have any easy meal tips? I'd love to hear them. If not, I'll accept any and all leads on an amply skilled chef/potential sister wife.



  1. Baked pesto chicken with pasta is a hit for everyone. I can't post the link on my phone, but it's from the blog Kalyns kitchen. Figuring out what's for dinner is my least favorite thing.

  2. Thanks Lindsy. I bet the bigger one would like that. My 3 year old likes food a bit plain and he won't eat meat or eggs. Trader Joes turkey meatballs are an exception. Hope you are well!

  3. Three year olds! And thanks for Posting the jenfrase blog, seriously hilarious and a highlight of my week to read the recap. This weeks was the best!

  4. I'll see what I can dig up for you!