Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hip Hippie Hooray!

Daddy left for a photo excursion in SF, so I thought today was a great day to bust out the tie dye kit that Ry picked it out at Joanne's Fabrics. Note, I don't frequent this place, he was in tow for the recent Chili Cook Off shopping trip and some items mysteriously made their way into the cart. ;-)

The first thing you need to know about this that the age rating on the package is accurate. I'm sure if I were less Type A, my 6 year old could have been more involved, but the 3 year old basically becomes a vehicle for tracking dye around the yard, so we kept things more "contained." It wasn't too hard, as I found that all they were really interested in doing was choosing colors and shapes for their designs.

Oh, and gloves are fun...
Getting the shirts damp was a team effort. Done. Check!

We then decided on "bullseye shapes" and "swirls. They chose, while I broke rubber bands. But I have to say, from this pic alone, our operation was looking pretty legit. Hippie time! Yeah maaan! Time to get our Sugar Magnolia on!
There are no pics of me dying the shirts. Yes, I said ME. My nerves could not handle otherwise. I mean the dye, the iPad, the DYE! Again, choosing colors was more exciting than actually doing it yourself.

"Hey Casey Jones Ry, can you get me the... Nevermind."

In his defense, he was the MAN when it came to starting the Saran wrap roll for each item, while I stood dripping. He was also right there to help me with color choices as well as policing Hay from tracking dye into the house.

Now we will watch dye dry for 6-8 hours.

I'm not sure where I will be rinsing these out, but that's tomorrow's task. In the meantime, Ry is reading a Hanukkah book to Hay in his best New York accent...did I teach him that?

Happy Sunday, Man.


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