Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Monster of Rock!

I have always secretly enjoyed a good Monster Ballad. As we were heading home from our Thanksgiving pilgrimage from El Lay Los Angeles, iPod on shuffle, an old Monster Ballad came on. Andy was completely horrified and unimpressed by my Monsters of Rock enthusiasm. I promptly explained, that although this group was not in the ranks of Poison or Def Leppard, the lead singer of Steelheart has a "metal scream" that can rival the best. As we listened to "Angel Eyes" I explained the intricacies of the musical gift of the hair band high-note. As I air-guitared and raised my fist to really send props to the climax of the song, my littlest punctuated the high-note from the back seat with a perfectly timed, "OH YES!"

Oh yes. Can I get an Amen!