Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This is How We Do It

Many of you have asked from time to time, " do you do it?" Well, today is your lucky day. Here is my secret...

So yes. I have a full time job. Yes, I have two kids under 6. NO, I can't cook. Yes, I do it anyway.

First you need a plan.

What more do you need to hear? Oh, that this little box of floofy sourdough breadiness, takes only 5 minutes to make! Genius. Then, make it healthy. I choose Smart Balance as opposed to butter, because it's smart. Duh.

Now, make sure the kids are planted in front of the TV. This is more for the 2 year old so he won't be loose in your home. See how happy they are? Well, one is posing for me and the other is having the life sucked out of him by Scooby Doo. He's happy. Promise.

Now, start cooking. Get the 5 minute Stove Top Stuffing going first. Here's what it looks like in case you are nervous about the directions. Yes...just BOIL the water & butter SMART Balance and let the mix sit in it off of the flame for 5 minutes. Seriously, it works! Just fluff!

Time for greens. Get some fresh broccoli and then ruin it by nuking it. I like Ziploc Steamer Bags (remember these?)

Lastly, Dino Buddies. The box says it all...YUMMY! Done in 3 minutes for 10 dinos.

Plate and serve. Make sure you have a variety of  T-Rex, Pteranodons and Brontochickens on each plate.

And if you haven't stretched yourself too thin, feed the dogs. This is just for one of our pooches. So times 2.

And that folks, is HOW YOU DO IT! Not this...


  1. Oh my god where the fuck do you find Dino Buddies??? I must have them. NOW. Looks like a wonderful dinner. Question - do they eat the broccoli??

  2. Ok Siri. Love how you say it looks "wonderful." Ha. Dino Buddies are in most stores...Safeway, Costco and maybe WF. They are yummy. Yes! My kids eat broccoli :-). Ry especially loves veggies!

  3. I meant it! I just don't like to use exclamation points so I usually come across as sarcastic : )