Monday, April 25, 2011

Let it Glo... Finally, Great Customer Service!

For the record, I am not good at returning things. I have friends that return about as many items as they purchase. I am not the run-in-and-a-grab-a-few-in-a-couple-different-sizes-and-bring-back-what-doesn't work, Mom. Oh, and if it is a mail order return...consider that a wash. So, when I received my Night-Light order from one of the many "Sale" sites I subscribe to, and a part was broken, I became stressed. This came not too long after my Amazon Operation game debacle, so needless to say, I was having one of those "WHY CAN'T ANYONE GET ANYTHING RIGHT" moments. What makes matters even worse, is when your kids are extremely PSYCHED about the impending delivery.  

Now that I have 2 kids, I have to order many "cool" things in duplicate. When the charger for my Brontosaurus night light was shipped broken, I entertained the idea of just using the T-Rex charger for both lights and not bothering with the "return" that was destined to wear on my patience for the next several days weeks month. I knew that there was no way I could have opened these awesome gifts in front of them, to only disappoint one child by stuffing one back into the box to return I waited.

Mommy, I LOVE these!
These fantastic lights came from Kinderglo. They come in different characters, change colors and have a nifty timer. They are TOTALLY safe, and never get hot (Hay Hay sleeps with his T-Rex under his arm). The Boogie-Man does not have a chance in our house with such illumination! Kinderglo has a fair 90 day warranty on their products, of which I was destined to fed-ex my return on day 89. I finally caved, and this past Saturday, I took some screen shots of my receipt as well as a pic of my Fed-ex shipment date as proof of my timeline. I also included some photos of the damaged charger. I explained how it was delivered broken and how I would have to pry it from the white-knuckled grasp of my child in order to send it back- if they would even take it. Important! Keep in mind the part about me contacting them on a Saturday. 

In ONE HOUR AND ONE MINUTE, I received this email (slightly edited, but you get the gist!)....

I am sorry to hear that you are having a problem with our KinderGlo night light.  The factory sometimes sneaks some of these in on us. We will get you a new charger sent out. The newest have slightly longer contacts so the both should charge fine.

All the best

Did I need to box mine up and send back the WHOLE THING? NO! Did I need to beg and plead for them to believe me, or do something about it? NO! Did I need to even wait more than an hour and one minute on a Saturday? Um...NO!

All I can say is WOW! Please buy this product from Angela & Jon at Kinderglo. They rock and you will too when you buy these because your kids might just love you a little bit more - at least for a day. 

This has been a Public Service Announcement.

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