Monday, April 19, 2010

Ziploc, Please Say I Can Love You!

I have a tendency to surf the web until I find the answer that I want to hear, not the answer that may be the best suited for my question. This has been true for me historically since I became pregnant with my first child. When my medical group told me to visit all of the doctors in the practice - as one of seven could be delivering my baby - I decided I would ask the same questions to each one. "Can I eat deli meat, brie, sushi...." Please someone say yes! Many of them did...some didn't. But I went with the answers I liked. I chose wisely...

So here I am laboring over Ziploc Steamer Bags. I know my epicurean friends are cringing right now, but shamelessly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM...but I HATE HATE HATE that they are plastic. I am freaked out about the idea of cooking in these, but apparently not freaked out enough to stop. When I get home from work and want to cook something that is not bright orange, in shapes like Sponge Bob, or not pizza, I resort to these steamer bags. I can cook chicken breasts, fish, veggies, in splatter from my grill pan, no dishes, no mess! It's too easy. My kids get a healthy meal of protein and veggies served with a side of guilt over cooking them in plastic.

Today I found the answer I wanted.... thank you Good Housekeeping for this study. I will cook with guilt a bit longer until I find another vehicle to shove in the microwave that is just as easy.

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