Friday, May 20, 2011

There's Nothing Mellow About This Yellow

Yes! It's pee. In the potty. Unsolicited. All Hay Hay's!!!!!

Today you are 2 years and 49 days. We haven't felt the need to start potty training you nor put you through the rigors of Potty Boot Camp. All we did was take the potty out of the garage...wait...that wasn't us, it was your loving Nanny...but I think we told her to...right?  Anyway, it has been sitting in the bathroom for weeks. Occasionally you will sit on it before bath time, but we could care less what you do with it. Sometimes the seat comes out and gets worn on your head. Clever. Just get comfortable with it, we say.

Today was different. As we got ready for bath tonight, you decided to sit on it. You see your big brother pee all the's gotta be fun, right? You sat on the potty, I told you to pee....and VOILA! If you don't do it again for another year, I won't care. I am just so proud of you today.

PS- you have 479 days to get it down - that's when you start school. No pressure. 


  1. good job, hay! a few months ago i asked lucas if he wanted to poop on the my amazement he said yes (he had peed a couple times before). i walked him to the toilet, put the little safety seat on for him and plopped him there while i sat on the floor. he did a poop!! i wanted to cry i was so excited. we seriously celebrated...and he hasn't done it since!

  2. Tiff! I love it. I was just so surprised and elated. I have no need to see it again tomorrow! Miss you guys!