Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Missing Piece(s)

The Missing Piece by Shel "oh so awesome" Silverstein. This picture depicts my day pretty well.

Today was off. In soooo many ways, today was off. It started out okay...Ry was READY for school on time, we were NOT going to be late. Then, I accidentally gave our beloved nanny a set of keys to take with her, that included my car key. We were now going to be late.

After that crisis was averted, child safely at school, me gainfully in possession of one Subaru key, I got home, only to find an Amazon.com package on my front porch (Normal daily fare). I thought, YES! It's Ryder's OPERATION game. But, damn, this box felt waaaay too light for the Operation I remember from yesteryear. I mean, I know plastic has evolved and toys have cheapened up, but this felt crazily light.... Because....

Yes. You are seeing it correctly, IT'S FREAKIN EMPTY! 

Impatient and pissed that I had to follow up on one more damaged item from the mail order Gods, I logged onto Amazon and went straight to Customer Service Chat. I was really unclear on how I was going to return NOTHING. Luckily, my overseas chat pal said he would just go ahead and send another! No questions asked! I'd like to think it's because I am a Prime customer, but really they could care less about my $16 shipping-gratis-purchase. Amazon gets giant props for their customer service today. Amazon dot Bomb!

On a smaller note. Ry's boxed Lemonade was missing a straw from the plastic wrap today. When I picked him up from school, he was pretty sad about it. The off day, had legs. More missing pieces.

Yay for tomorrow. I wish Family Ties were on.

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