Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Twenty Minus One. My Tooth Fell Out Today.

A few days ago I came home and Ryder told me he hit his tooth with a fork and that it was now loose. After some consoling from our nanny and a slew of "I Lost My Tooth" YouTube videos on her iPhone, he soon became excited about the idea of losing a tooth. He's been singing a song from one of the YouTube Videos -that I can't find- and we've been hearing "My Tooth...Fell Out...Today..." for several days now.

Well, at dinner tonight, he bit into a pancake (Yes you heard me correctly... Dinner... Pancake...) and then started screaming. No, the pancakes were not rock-hard (they were microwaved perfectly), but somehow he bit it in such a way that the tooth became even more loose. There was quite a bit of blood so I sent him into the bathroom to rinse. Finally he stopped crying and I suggested he try to pull it out. He did!

"Mommy! Take a picture of my Tooth!" Is it just me or does it look like he has an odd number of bottom teeth?

"Here's my envelope!" Mommy drew the tooth how she thought I might draw it, but I wrote the rest.

 "I hope the Tooth Fairy gives me 5 bucks!"

(not sure we'll be setting that precedence).


  1. It's not just you. It does look like he had one middle bottom tooth!

  2. I know..weird, right? They all looked normal when they were in tact! thanks for the comment :-)