Sunday, February 28, 2010

No Refunds After 90 Days

At lunch today, out of nowhere, Ryder strolls out of his room (yes, you heard me, it was lunchtime, and Ryder was not eating. Shocker.)

Ryder: Mommy, can you return babies?

Mom: what do you mean?

Ryder: Can we return a baby for another baby as cute as a baby whale?

Mom: What baby would we return? When you return something, you need to bring something back to the store before you get the new thing that you want.

Ryder: Silence.

Mom: What baby?

Ryder: Well, can we return Hayden for a baby as cute as a baby whale?

Mom: You want a baby whale?

Ryder: NO!... A.... BABY...AS...CUTE...AS...A...BABY...WHALE.

I guess I should tell him what happened at Sea World... not cute.

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