Monday, February 15, 2010

Alex P. Keaton

He was 3 when he found his shtick. We were in Hawaii and one morning, he placed his beloved "Dog Dog" by the ear into the top of his Jammy Suit. "This is my tie." Um...okay sweetie, but let's carry it with us so not to lose the lovie (Dog Dog). Realizing that this version would become cumbersome, the tie morphed from a stuffed dog, to a cloth napkin. Since Ryder was wanting tantruming to wear them to bed...with said Jammy Suit...I needed something safe around his neck (not sure that statement really exists...but c'mon, he was 3... we bend.).

Finally, Mommy found a collection of suitable ties (thank you Anita!). The great thing about these ties from the Children's Place, is that they come in a style similar to a breakaway cat collar. If you pull hard enough, it will release... *hope*

From then on - he's now 4 - the tie has been quite the constant in his development. Sometimes it takes a month long hiatus, but it usually comes back (see "Layering"). He can easily be identified on the soccer field and we are CERTAIN, his cervical (north) adornments played a large part in getting him into his current highly coveted nursery school. Simon Cowell would have found him memorable. I guess you are never to young to have a shtick.

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