Monday, February 22, 2010


As I sat on the couch yesterday ignoring my children and fiddling on the laptop - writing yesterday's breathtaking blog entry- I was confronted with Ryder asking me to actually get dressed and leave the house. It was only 2pm...on a see where this is going. 

Ryder: I want to go to Kate's House.

Me: Well, we can't just "go" to someone's house, we need to be invited, and we have plans later (well, way later...but what is time to a 4 year old?).

Ryder: Well... (see where he gets the "well"), I am going to get dressed and go to Kate's house.

That was when I started listening to his brain working outside of his body. His mouth became a transmitter, and I now had my material for today's blog. I decided I would just start typing, word for word, everything that spilled out of his mouth brain-hole. Please note- when you read this, remove all punctuation, then it will be verbatim.

I want to get dressed and see Kate. I want to play with her. I want to show her something she’s never done before. I want to put on the Unicorn costume and I am going to get dressed. I want to see what Kate’s house looks like inside. THEN I want to go upstairs and see what I already discovered. I don’t know…just those stuff. I want to go upstairs and look for the unicorn costume. Where’s the unicorn costume at Kate’s house, I feel like getting dressed and going to Kate’s house. Is Kate trying to put on the unicorn costume? She likes to, because she likes unicorn costumes a lot. Mommy, do you know where my clothes are, I feel like getting dressed. I don’t know how to listen, I don’t know what listening is, so I can’t listen. I don’t know any better.


This reminded me of the monologue that "Sam" from "Leonardo the Terrible Monster" gives Leonardo about why he was "really" crying. Good book by your pal Mo Willems. Buy it, you'll like it. 


  1. I want to steal Ryder I want a unicorn I want to put on my jammies.

  2. Trade you one unicorn for some banana chocolate chip cookies.

  3. Did Ryder eat an entire box Cap'n Crunch for breakfast?

  4. I told Kate about what Ryder said. She would like to bring the unicorn costume to school tomorrow and let him take it home. He's so cute in that purple unicorn costume!!!