Sunday, February 21, 2010

Deep Thoughts, by Ryder...

photos by Katy Scanlan

Reflecting on my son's randomness on this rainy Sunday. Oh how I wish I had written more down... Bad Mother.


"My head is full of wind from all of this thinking"


In the spirit of discussing gardening at dinner...
Mary: I have a black thumb
Ryder: You have a black thumb and I have a blue toe.
(Ryder had a bruised toenail).


Ryder put an eye patch on his head and said:
"Look at my Chanukah cap"


Ryder: "Why does this house smell like boogers?"
Mom: because you have boogers in your nose and that's all you can smell?


 Ryder and I got our signals crossed when discussing room decor. When asked about wanting a light on his night stand...foolish me...I was talking about a lamp...he was referring to a knight light.


Ryder brought his piggy bank to me one day...
Ryder: Mommy, here is some money, I am going to buy an upstairs for our house at the store.
Mom: That's great Ryder, how much do you think that costs?
Ryder: 8 a row.


Ryder's preschool teacher informed me that he learned a valuable lesson. As he ventured onto the playground in a yellow Cinderella dress and Adidas Superstars he exclaimed,
"It's hard to climb in a dress."

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