Sunday, August 19, 2012


Summer is whizzing by and our days have been typical. Swimming, Summer Camps, Birthday Parties, Play Dates, Lots of Fro Yo, some road trips and well, Mommy and Daddy still find time to work. Here are some Summer pics, mostly via Instagram. (follow my feed @jfree2be and Andy @crownmoto)

Good Days

Bad Days :-(

Rolling Stone retrospective

Girls Trips

First Flops

Hair Cuts by Mommy...



Tie Dying

Lots of Breakfasts at Alana's

Cooking... Once (s'mores cookies)

Ice Cream

Watching the Olympics and reminiscing.

Crazy Nights

Puppies! (no, we didn't take another one home... But you can!)

Just being natural

Jedi Lego Camps and X-Wing Fighters. I've been made aware that at the end of the week, he was now, certifiably, a real Jedi.

New Offices and helpers...

Andy's Office

Nights on the Town with Mr. Tambourine Man

Eating Pizza with Daddy

Completion of projects and new babies on the way... NOT US!

Shopping for new hobbies

And so it begins...

Just a snippet of our family here and there. There have been so many other moments that may remain unlogged- friends from out of town, road trips, etc. Hopefully, we'll have more to share soon. We are not ready to say that Summer is cooked just yet!

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