Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Making August Last...

This week has been a limbo week. No school, no camps, and that is fine by us and our beloved nanny, Ana. Both kids are home, and spending their last days with Ana before she ventures on to the next chapter of her life. A new baby and a new City are coming soon for her, and OUR littlest muchacho will be starting school in September. This parting is something we have been dreading since the beginning of last year. We knew after Hay started school this inevitable and heartbreaking moment would be imminent. After almost 6 years, we will say Adios to the most special person imaginable. Okay, I can't type anymore because my iPad is about to flood with tears. Until D Day - some fun pics.

Number five is coming soon!

We are much safer with these guys in our ranks...or more fit...not sure.

Plants have invaded and are eating our family (good thing for those super jazzy heros above!)

This Super Dad had a Ronnie Lott birthday.

We are rockin' old sleep sacks...

We got our ride back and I'm not the only one who's happy.

Hasta Septiembre....Sad post coming soon *sniff*

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