Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Skate Camp - Day One

This week marked one of the most anticipated camps of our Summer, Skateboarding Camp! Society Skate Shop in San Carlos runs this camp through the Redwood City Parks and Recreation Department (a little shameless self promotion...from me, Leslie Knope) I also have to mention that this camp took no encouragement or bribery to get him to go, just an investment on our part for the right equipment...coupled with a zillion..."You'd better REALLY want this" since equipment-wise, we were starting from scratch.

The Skatepark itself is awesome. It was constructed with a lot of input from local skaters and named in memory of one of Redwood City's resident Pro Skaters, Phil Shao, who passed away in 1998 by way of an auto accident.

Big daunting bowls, rails, stairs, you name it. Ry is just psyched to learn to conquer the flat, but did spend a good part of lesson one learning how to fall "correctly" sliding down the sides of the giant bowl. His pads already look as if they have been annihilated by a full season of X Games training.

Here are a couple of pics from Day One... And a Vid. I'm totally impressed by how much they taught him in one day - he even rode down the stairs, solo!

Ramp assistance.

Learning to ride fakie in the big bowl!

First injury... "belly burn." I was also told that he got a "shark bite" that day. He was a champ and told me "I got hurt, but it didn't stop me from skateboarding." Attaboy.

Maybe someday he'll star in the sequel.
Until then...to be continued...

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