Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August Ryderisms

Wow. Here we are, at the end of August, and every day my crazy 4 1/2 year old has provided me with something überly blog-worthy, and yet alas... I have failed as a blogger. Too busy, too crazy, too sick, you name it, I have an excuse. I just haven't been able to find the time. Seeing how this serves as a journal for my family, I feel guilty and obliged at the same time to provide some current Freeman Data. Sooo...as I sit here home from work - sick - I have found the time.

Here are some noteworthy moments to pen that you may have already seen on Facebook, or not...

Tom Bush...

I got an IM at work via Google Talk (Andy & my sole means of communication during the day). It went like this:

8:10 AM Andy: Ryder told me that Tom Bush was our President a long time ago, and that he was retarded. He told me Grandma Bevy told him that.

8:11 AM 
 me: "retarded?
 Andy: Yes, very clearly....retarded.
 me: killing her
8:12 AM Andy: I told him that is a very mean thing to say and that some people are different and they can't help it. At least I clarified and told him that his name was George Bush!  So, of course I call Grandma. Her response? She said she told him that George Bush didn't like brocolli, and that he was RETIRED. Apparently, Ryder formed a new opinion of Tom George. 


I am loving that Ryder has adopted my love for Yoga. I have given him his own mat and now he has all he needs to refine his practice. He is definitely an up-and-coming Yogi, creating pose after pose of his own. Here is an example of that...

 Me: Ryder it's time for your bath.
Ry: I need to do some yoga.
Me: no Ryder, now.
Ry: Mommy, I am going to do my poses, now leave me alone.
Me: What is that called?
Ry: Dustmite Protection Pose
It's a Pillow, it's a Pet....

Dear TV. You have successfully infiltrated  my son's brain with guerrilla marketing. My son, post Sesame Street -by the blink of an eye- imprisoned and brainwashed by the Pillow Pet Commercial.

Thankfully, our good friends recently put Ryder out of his misery by purchasing him his beloved Bumble Bee Pillow Pet. We received it actually as a gift for Andy's 40th birthday, a gift that would define Andy as the "Best Dad Ever." Andy decided it would be best to sneak it into Ryder's bed late at night. Here is what he said when he awoke:
Ry: "Look at my pillow pet! I wished for it and it came true!"

Me: Can you show me how it attaches?

Ry: You attach the hook and the strap made of high quality chenille fabric.

Thanks, he's a walking infomercial.

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