Friday, August 27, 2010

No Love Lost

Today, I had the scare of my life. No, my kids aren't hurt...although I feel like I avoided a situation that could have reached catastrophic heights. Piggy, was missing.

We had just returned from a late morning/lunch escapade of park and taco truck, when I transferred a sleeping 17 month old to bed, only to find - or not find- Piggy. Piggy is Hayden's Lovie. 

Now Lovies come in all forms. Here are some popular bets below. If you have a child, you know the significance of this beloved item and how your parent rating can go from 10 to zero in the blink of an eye if this fuzzy piece of security were to go missing.

I found myself in a frenzy. Since I was not with Hayden when he awoke this morning, because I was not home and out having an affair at Yoga, I had no idea when said item disappeared. My husband had left on a weekend trip and was en route and unreachable (on his motorcycle- so I was worried about him...another blog entry). I called him twice, emailed the friend he was going to meet and texted the nanny. His poor friend must have thought something horrible had happened here...I said I had an emergency...and well, something catastrophic almost did happen!

After an hour of serious searching, texting and dare I say, almost shedding a tear, I had a thought...

"Hayden was playing with the kitchen trash can yesterday."

I opened the trash....and....

Sanity restored.

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