Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Our Holiday in Pictures

Good morning 2014. Here we are. Face to face.
I'm paralyzed in my bed not wanting to get up and ruin a resolution. I am however, posting to our blog, since I have seriously lapsed. Consider this one step in the right direction. Here are some fun and not so fun things that happened over the holidays! Happy New Year everyone! Make this one great!

A year older

Ryder turned 8. That seems old to me. I have a second grader. It was just yesterday I was going to Taco Bell after diving practice, listening to Def Leppard in my VW. Yesterday. *Sigh*
He also has a huge love of optical illusion pics. I'm sure there's more to come in this area. Stay tuned.

Artsy Fartsy

"Mom, do I look like a Picasso?"

Rite of Passage

So, as we were packing for our trek to the Mountains, this happened. A wooden tree swing with a big brother on it, with pass interference by Hayden, equals 3 staples. A rite of passage. Ryder had three in the same spot when he was 5. Boys. Did I mention we were packing to leave?

Family Christmastime

We went to the mountains for our usual Christmas break family bonanza. This year, we had no snow, but we did have a great time with family.

My sister-in-law Katy Schneiderman took this next series of pics. Check out her site here. If you are in the L.A. Area, you MUST check out her services.

We made bird feeders, and Hayden found out he liked peanut butter. YES! One more food for the short list!


Quality time my brother and his RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE family... 
Well I think so. Cousins are awesome.

Cousin lunch.

Daddy Adventures

Winter Fishing at Pinecrest Lake with friends.

A boy-only trek to find some good sled runs. Ryder took the longest run of his life, Andy says, "five football fields" long.

New Obsessions

Ryder was glued to Diary of a Wimpy Kid. We were so excited to watch him tote this book everywhere. Keep it up, Ryder. You just finished your first New York Times Best Seller. Note the clip-on reading light. Santa knows what's up. ;-)

Lots of Crochet

I crocheted a lot of gifts, finished a long overdue baby blanket and channeled my inner geek. See below. Patterns linked when applicable.

Yoda. Ear pattern by Mamachee.

Viking hat. Pattern by Mamchee (braids by me)

Long overdue baby blanket for little Charlie Girl. Missoni inspired.

Creeper hat for my Minecraft junkie.

Tessa hat from Mamachee.

Happy Dog Walks

Photo Cards - Shout Out!

Lastly, a massive shoutout to Picaboo. We ordered our holiday cards through this company this year and I found their user interface to be awesomely customizable and slick. In full disclosure, the two founders are friends of mine from college, but if you know how picky Andy and I are about these types of things, please note that we would NEVER endorse something subpar in this area. They also do school yearbooks, photo books and more. Plus, I expedited the shipping and had them sent to the mountains and they STILL arrived on the due date as promised, which doesn't always happen at the cabin. Check them out!
I did them relatively last minute, as usual, and under-ordered. We have not sent cards since 2010, due to terminal lameness and inexcusable "I'm just too busy" justifications. We apologize profusely if you were expecting to hear from us, and did not. I guess I have another resolution to make.
Happy New Year Y'all!

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