Friday, September 27, 2013

I'm Not Complaining, I'm Just Suppressing My Crazy

To those of you who sometimes feel badly about yourselves due to the romanticizing of people's perfect lives on Faceboook, I give you reasons today to celebrate your life. Today is (not was...still going) a parenting day that is challenging me like an addict faced with their poison. It's one of those days where you realize why some people are in prison, but you are not, based on the exceptional levels of self-restraint you are exhibiting. My children are whittling me down to a point where I feel like I am the most powerless person in my home. Because I am...and I am letting them... *sigh*

Today, like many, after heading to school to pick up the kids after work, I was convinced I was a Mute. I even checked with my voice recognition software on my Android to make sure I could actually be heard. When I shouted it was time to leave, they responded to me like a school of minnows would to a pebble being thrown into a lake. When they came back together they wrestled, punched, whined and cried, only to be separated and immediately drawn back together with that obnoxious, but special, sibling magnetic force. "Stop hitting your brother," "Keep your hands to yourself," the repetitious statements persisted. I am yelling from a deep hole. I get louder and louder yet no one can hear me. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

I made dinner - the same Mac and Cheese that I always make- but tonight it's elbows and not shells and suddenly it's disgusting and tastes bad...even though it's EXACTLY THE SAME brand and flavor. I am called into the bathroom to wipe the bottom of my little one, who has proceeded to unroll the entire roll of toilet paper onto the floor with a smile on his face. And the cherry on the cake of my day? After doing a load of laundry for my incontinent senior dog, I find that even after I shook out all of the blankets, I still succeeded in washing and drying a few large balls of dog poop. Yes I said drying....on high heat.

I'm not really sure why I am writing about this, but I'm blogging instead of rocking back and forth on the floor psychoticly. I am ignoring my kids at the moment and now they are playing nicely. We clearly all needed a "time out." 8:30pm cannot come soon enough. I love my kids like nothing else. I ask for no sympathy. I know I am lucky to have them. I am just offering you parents out there one thing... Solidarity.


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  1. I hear you, sister! I'm with you! Poop. That one just pushes it all over the edge. It makes me unravel faster than that toilet paper roll...ugh! And in the dryer? It could've happened to me. Taking care of an incontinent dog just wears you down, especially when you have young kids. The cleaning is non-stop. Do something you enjoy this weekend! Head to the beach!