Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Some Things Should Be Left to the Professionals

We recently went to get Ry's hair trimmed. We had to coax him into going, because his latest quest for individuality has been to grow his hair "very" long and dye it white - yes white... Dumbledore white...not Marilyn Platinum. My passive response has been, "OKAY, you go ahead and grow it out and then we'll decided if white is the best color. BECAUSE IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!" I am clearly banking on the fact that the duration of actually growing his hair "very" long will last longer than his yearning for it to be white as snow.

Daddy's response was more succinct, "NO."

Anyhow, in an effort to not spend a fortune on kids' haircuts, I have "cut" corners by whacking off a chunk here and there to relieve some eyesight, free an ear, etc. I am a hack. Occasionally, I accidentally do alright by "good from far - far from good" standards, but to the skilled eye, it's garbage.

Anyhow, I explained to Ry that even when we are growing our hair out, we still get it trimmed to keep it healthy. He obliged. We went to our usual Kid-Cut place with both Hay & Ry in tow. We had our usual stylist - the ONLY one I will let touch my kids' hair (besides me of course). As Ry sat in the chair, she started picking through his length.

"Did I do this?" she said.


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