Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gluten-Free Wannabes and a Yarny Thing

Ry: I want to be Gluten-free like R and "Aunt Judy."

Me: Really? Well, you'lI have to give up some of your favorite foods.

Ry: Like what?"

Me: Like sourdough bread and Alana's pancakes

Ry: What? Forget it!

So, although we are not a Gluten-Free family, we do try whenever (well sort-of) possible to replace foods that have good-tasting GF alternatives. Like...

These Annie's Snicker Doodle Bunny Cookies are AMAZING! We're devouring a box of them as we speak! Grabbed them at where else? Target!

If you like the flavor of a corn tortillas, you will love this pasta. There are several pasta shape varieties, and they are deliciously inexpensive. Available at Trader Joes.

Lastly, my kids LOVE the "squeezy cheese" version of store-bought Mac and Cheese. Oh look, Annie's makes a Gluten Free rice pasta version with the same velveeta-ey goodness! It's good, AND I can get it at Target...with some detergent, a picture frame and a shirt.

And by the way... I made my first crocheted "Garment" over the holiday break. I made this little sweater for my ADORABLE niece, who now won't let me hold her. Clarification: not because of the sweater... Pattern here.

Honestly, this post was really only created to tell you about the Snicker Doodle Bunnies. And while we are being honest, I will have you know that the new box is almost gone.

Happy New Year!

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