Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Hey, we just bought these, this is crazy, trying to organize, sorted maybe.

We have a 7th birthday creeping up, and with that, means an influx of MORE LEGO! We love Legos in our house. We love them everyday. I personally love the idea of Lego, the creativity, the applied dexterity, and the hours and hours of time that it consumes of my children. But...I realized early on that I am too OCD for Legos.

Whether it's Harry Potter, Star Wars, Monster Fighter, Ninjago and so on, these sets are coveted...especially the big expensive ones...and once they are purchased and built, they go into the abyss. The abyss is comprised of several hundreds thousands millions of dollars worth of Lego. I cringe at the fact that these sets that came packaged neatly in numbered bags, with very specific instructions, are now scattered in a sea of Lego wreckage, to possibly never be built again.

I tried tirelessly to, at the very least, sort by theme. We had a good run, but now we are back to this. I have dreams of seeing Hogwarts again, Garmadon's Dark Fortress, etc. Dreams...

But! I will not give up. Ryder also raised an eyebrow at the idea of being able to find the pieces to rebuild his, before his birthday, this coming Monday, we are going to try and sort this crap we can add more to the pile.

After trolling Pinterest for ideas, I came up short. Sorting by color was not enough. These pieces range from microscopic (if you're over 40) to huge. One photo seemed to peak my in-ter-est on Pin-ter-est, that of a bolt and screw organizer. So, it was off to the hardware store we went!

Both kids were extremely instrumental and a huge help at the store...clearly. I took a break from yelling and took some pictures. I thought I would try to embrace the moment. I felt better for a minute.

We then came home ready to play sort. This task can only be done without pants. It's true, look it up.

In theory, these boxes seem like a good idea, but I get the shakes just looking at the road ahead. I can't wait to post a "I We did it!" entry, but don't hold your breath. It seems that Ryder prefers playing with the current sorted variety as opposed to the abyss. One Lego in, 10 Legos out.

I have 4 more days... and a full time job...and heaps of laundry...and an incontinent dog...and wet, sandy rainboots daily...and dinner to make...and the reality is, I would rather be playing in my yarn abyss. Peace out.