Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Food For Thought

Here is what our family dinners, sans Daddy, were looking like during Toothgate. Yes, 3 different meals for 3 people. Of course, I had an excuse to was on soft food, but really, it's a pretty accurate representation of what dinner can look like around here. Also, I *pick* while I am cooking for the kids, so really, I typically eat two meals worth of food at dinner. That's got to stop. But how do you keep from eating Mac and Cheese?

Also, I thought you should know that this ice cream from Trader Joe's is DAMN GOOD. I had to buy it for Hayden because he was on a soft food diet prior to getting his tooth pulled. Had to. It was cold and soft. Two very important reasons.

Oh, and check these out. Thy taste like apple pie. Addictive. Yummy. Sorry, you will eat the whole bag.

Oh, and did you know how to do this?

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