Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Day of School and Then Some...

Remember, when you read is yesterday.

Today marked a monumental day of firsts. It was the first day of school for BOTH of our kids - translation- Hayden is no longer a baby. This made today sting a little bit more. To add insult to injury, today was Ry's first day of 1st grade. There is something about a grade level with a number in front of it that brings a reality to light that your child is "growing up."

"Kindergarten" is a cute word in itself. I mean, what is more adorable than a German garden full of kids? Today, I needed a Biergarten (this doesn't need translation...and if it does... Sound. It. Out.). I know many parents who are weepy at the first Preschool and Kinder drop offs. I get it. The baby stage is over. It's overwhelming. This little human is now a person. I know this to be true because my little guy now has a cubby, snack sign-up responsibilities, and a pick up time punctuated by a lot of forms that regulate who can remove my child from the premises. This is the real deal.

We had not been great parents this summer when it came to bed time. We planned accordingly for today though, by getting the kids to bed earlier the night before school started...that's enough time to regulate them, right? Thankfully, the first day excitement trumped (I use that word a lot...I's good) any amount of tiredness that could have ensued. I awoke the mini-humans with my best rendition of the acclaimed Imagination Movers diddy, First Day of School. Our kids think it's the "jam."

The excitement in our house came in two forms. One, Hayden was finally going to get to join his brother at the same school. He had a new Spiderman lunchbox, Spidey thermos, shiny blue Kleen Kanteen and a new Spiderman shirt. He was supercharged and his enormous grin said it all. Today rocked. Today, "I'm BIG." Ry's excitement came from a place of feeling like he was "BIG" too. A lot of bragging commenced about things he gets to do that Nursery Students don't get to. All in all, the love for their school was apparent and seeing how it is September 11th and many kids in the area have been back now for a month, they were ready to get out of the house.

Our summer break is incredibly long compared to others, it almost feels purposeful on our school's part, to make sure that kids are extremely ready and willing to jump back into the classroom. The negative is that there is not a whole lot for kids to do at the end of August and early September, but the plus is, that it gives families a nice week to travel to any popular kid-friendly attraction, as there is no one around. Like when we went here.

Anyhow, today was a great day...until 3pm. But I'll write about that one tomorrow... Right now, I just want to relish in the fact that my kids sprung out of bed excited about the next chapter of their lives. Ry even got to spend his first after-school day slurping down rootbeer floats with a good friend.

Meanwhile... Hayden lay waiting...

To be continued...


  1. Awww! That picture of Hayden at the end it too much to handle! Glad some of my amateur iPhone shots made the story, though ;-) Poor Mama and Hay-Hay! It was a very big day.

    1. J- I wouldn't have made it without you. Thanks again.

  2. A rootbeer float?! What a nice treat for his first day of school. =) It is fulfilling to send our kids to school. It means we are doing our responsibilities well. But it doesn't end there. We also need to guide them in their studies. If we find that we need more professional help on this matter, it'd be best to hire a tutor. That way, our kids won't struggle in their studies.

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