Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened...

Today at School Pick-up I was presented with a "must share." The teachers were laughing very hard and were saying how this moment of hilarity would potentially be shared at the next faculty meeting.

Important to note: Frank, Camerina and Kate are all of Ry's teachers. "Zephyr" is a kid that he tends to like to "throw under the bus" so to speak. I love Z's mother, so I am hoping to see this trend end. Funny thing is... they play together at school sometimes, but I think they both refuse to admit to liking one another. Anyway....

The kids were asked to draw a picture of something memorable from their field trip to the San Mateo History Museum. Ry was very interested in the Indian Teepee that was partially covered by twigs and mud.

Then, they asked Ry to dictate to his teacher what is happening in this picture...

There is no recollection from Frank or Kate of this occurrence.

That's all.

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