Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Anatomy of a Ride Home From Swim Lessons

We were driving along today and I pulled up next to an SUV, like one we are considering buying for our next car. This conversation ensued...

Me: Ry, look to your left, that is one of the SUVs that Daddy wants to get.
Ry: You mean that one over there?
Me: Yes
Ry: with a hint of annoyance Why does Daddy want that car!? I want a minivan!
Me: Why?
Ry: It has a TV.
Me: An SUV can have a TV too.
Ry: But I want a sliding door.
Me: Why?
Ry: I dunno. Kate's has a TV.
Me: When will you watch TV in the car?
Ry: On long trips, or I can use my screen time on the way to school.
Me: If we get a TV it will only be used for long trips. Anyhow, Daddy would never own a minivan.
Ry: Why?
Me: Because it doesn't do what Daddy wants it to do.
Ry: What's that?
Me: Lots of things.
Ry: Well, I want a TV.
Me: We're not getting a minivan.
Ry: I'm hungry what do you have?
Me: I have a car to take us home to the refrigerator...
Ry: No Mom, what small objects do you have?
Me: A cell phone and a wallet. You want to eat that?
Ry: No....get my flip flop or I won't love you anymore.
Me: Ry, number one, I am driving, two, that was very disrespectful, I won't get you anything if you talk to me like that.
Ry: Can you get my flip flop, please?


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