Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Love, Todd

When your child is in the thick of the proverbial terrible twos threes fours you wishfully think about what the future might hold, and how this is just a phase and things will inevitably improve. Sometimes, all that defines a 5 year old tantrum from a  2 year old tantrum, is some intense reasoning and a sprinkle of disrespect. As bath approached, I quickly shuffled Hay Hay to the tub (he is always pumped to bathe) and gave Ryder a post-dinner-test...

Me:  Ry, I am going to the tub, why don't you surprise me by putting your dishes in the kitchen, getting undressed and coming to the bath.

Moments later...thump thump thump, and a giant smile on a naked body emerges through the bathroom door and climbs into the tub...

Me: Wow!

Ry: Mommy I just started being good, right now!

Me: Hey Ry...why can't you ALWAYS be good?

Ry:  Mommy, sometimes, I'm good...sometimes I'm not so good...that is what makes me different.

Love, Todd Ryder

Title, lovingly hijacked from Todd Parr, an awesome Childrens Author/Illustrator who has graced our shelves for years with his thoughtful books, like, The Feelings Book, It's Okay To Be Different, and Underwear Dos and Don'ts.  He always ends his books with "Love, Todd." In the back of one of our books we noticed a photo with him and his dog, "Bully." Andy (see awesome husband & father) contacted him to hopefully contribute some artwork to one of our favorite charities, Rocket Dog Rescue. Todd Parr responded in record time...a whole 2-3 hours...with an emphatic YES! He is truly a gift to not only children, but our four-legged friends. Support this amazing rescue organization by purchasing a t-shirt, mug, apron, etc. etc. at their online store.  Oh, and a side note on the Awesome Andy... he donated his own time, fueled by his love for dogs, and created their online store. #Winning.

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