Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stupid is as Stupid Does

In my past life, I was a gymnast. I was also a diver all through high school and college. I reached All America status 4 years running... okay, enough justification. Just because you USED to do something, doesn't mean you can or SHOULD still do it. 

Occasionally, after a few beers in college, I would do the honorary back flip or handspring during sloshball on a grassy field. Sometimes, I would stick it, other times....hyper-extended elbows, pulled muscles, face plants.... you get the picture. I can still rock a few flips and maybe a twist on the trampoline, but, I haven't tried that since pre pregnancy...the first time. I am sure I would pee my pants. Saturday was no different- except for the fact that my degree of difficulty has decreased.

I had recently decided that I would knock an item off of my bucket list and run a marathon. After coming back from my inaugural run and very pleased that I finished my first one without stopping, I began to stretch. It all sounds right so far... Ryder was stretching with me and occasionally trying out a few rolls and handstands. I thought, "Well, a cartwheel should be easy enough for him to learn..." so I did one. Wow, still got it! Felt fine. Next step... walkover, right? Mommy needs to show off. I launched right into a simple front walkover, and as my back arched to the ground and my first foot hit the lawn, I knew I had made a HUGE mistake...YEOOOOW! Instant pain. STUPID! Then I prepared my Darwin Award Speech thought..."maybe I'm just not stretched enough".... like doing another one would cancel out the first. So I did it again a few minutes later. DOUBLE YEOOW!

Perfect 10...on the stupid meter.

There goes the onset of my marathon training....gigantic pulled muscle in my lower back. I think it's permanent.

I am awesome.

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