Friday, March 27, 2015

Winter Break - No childcare Day 1

This week is Presidents' Week - or more aptly named, Ski Week, or in working parents terms, ANOTHER WEEK WE HAVE TO FIND CHILDCARE! In an effort to offset some costs, we are not doing childcare, or camp, or anything. We are fortunate enough to be able to flex our work schedules and doing our best to be parents multitaskers. 

Here are the highlights of day one. 

Kids came to our Tax Appointment (note the offset childcare comment)- tablet and iPad in hand. After we left...

"Mom, how many laptops can you buy with $X dollars?"

"Where did you get that number..." (Oh wait, someone was listening at the tax appointment).

"A lot."

Couch Cinema double feature: The Little Rascals and Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers (while Mommy worked).

Played referee while the 2 boys argued over who was more "annoying" and who would not give the other access to the multitude of Lego bins. I called it. It was a tie.

Overheard iPad convo with my almost 6 year old and Siri: "I want to see big boobs."

Note: he did not get his wish.

And my personal favorite: My 9 year old son is a compulsive reader. In a fit of desperation and unbeknownst to us, he started reading a parenting book off of the "grown-up" bookshelf. Today, he told me how to properly execute a time-out and how offended he was by some of the cartoons outlining the trials of parenting.

And we got a new puppy.

10:39pm, Back to work. 

This is Poppy, Foxy, Curry, Cheeto Freeman. Poppy for short.

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