Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Pokétine's Day

{Squirtle the Turtle}

This year, Ry elected to have Pokémon Valentine's Day Cards. In typical Freeman fashion, we made them ourselves, at 7pm, the night before the class celebration. Last year was Angry Birds - and those were completely made by Andy, a la Graphic Designer Extraordinaire - and were AMAZING. This year, since it's Kindergarten, Ry had to pony-up and join in.

When you're 6, writing your name 18 times is a daunting task and clearly not one you outgrow (see Mommy & Daddy's growing "thank you" card list from 2010 through 2011). He did it though, and added his own flair to each signature. If you were unsure if our child could write, he made sure to prove it on his teacher's cards, which were all carefully penned. His friends did not receive the same precision, but more gusto...a "Y" like a tree, a microscopic "r" etc.

The other daunting task was for us. As a new, intensely obsessed, member of the Pokémon Fan Club (his fave is "Squirtle" who has the power of- wait for it- squirting), it was extremely important that each child in his class was represented with the "right" Pokémon. We tried to narrow it to 3, but you know how that goes. I searched the web, for not only the appropriate Pokémon, but one in the correct "pose."  Here's sample of the kid-homemade/parent-made outcome.

Now to explain to some of the girls' parents, why our son gave their daughters a picture of a stomach and large intestines. (It's a Pokémon, People! - #2 on the bottom row.).

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