Monday, March 22, 2010

Make a Wish.


On a dog walk with Daddy & Otis yesterday, Ryder picked a dandelion and blew on it...

Ryder: I wish for a Goofy Costume. He then picked another dandelion and approached Daddy

Ryder: Daddy, here you go, YOU wish for a Mickey Mouse Costume. Hmmm...I suspect Daddy's wish was really Ryder's second wish. He then picked another and held it to Otis' face...

Ryder:  Otis, you wish for a Pluto costume.

Daddy: Ryder, I think Otis already has a Pluto Costume.

End Scene.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baby Snake

Today Andy found a baby gopher Western Yellowbelly Racersnake in our backyard (just diagnosed the breed...phew). As much as I am not a fan of bringing wildlife into our home, I was happy that my fears did not dictate the outcome of this experience for Ryder.

Happy Sunday.

Joke courtesy of Hailey Ritchey
High Five 
Down Low
Cut the Pickle
Tickle Tickle

Saturday, March 20, 2010

YouTube, My Savior.

When times are tough, parents lean on technology. GUILTY. My newest bail-out is my Droid. I have the You Tube app, and it is turning into my favorite one. One day I searched Dr. Seuss and found that almost every book has some Scholastic book/movie/cartoon/video thing. When I am in a's Green Eggs and Ham

This morning, Ryder was watching the ZAKS. When it ended I came over, only to realize he was now watching Fox in Socks. What? How did he get there? Oh, a finger swipe on YouTube and a tap to select. Yes, he can control it now. I felt amazed by this.

Thank you Dr. Seuss. We acknowledge you daily. We have about 15 of your books and Ryder has many of them memorized.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mommy? What's the word....

This past November, Andy and I returned from a night out with the kids. As we were settling in, I heard something muttered from over by the ottomans that was fairly, unsettling.... "Fuckin Kids!"

What what what? It was perfectly impersonated. A comment made from under his breath...not from my husband, but from my 4 year old! It sounded like Andy, in full frustration mode, leaving a room filled with preschool angst. Ryder captured it accurately, in an Oscar worthy performance, so organic and pure to its sound.

Now, from what we have learned as "good parents" (ignore the FK statement, right?) we know not to make a big deal about words. This only encourages the performance. In an effort to diagnose, and okay, I admit, selfishly, maybe, hear that phrase again, I inquired.

Me: Ryder, I am sorry, what did you say? Did you ask me something? I just didn't hear you...

Ryder: *Silence*

Me: Ryder? It's okay, what did you say?

Ryder: silently fucking *dramatic pause* kids? Yes, even he was questioning it's validity.

So, we realize that the pause meant he KNEW he had said something taboo. I appreciate that. I also understand, we as parents slip-up.  Don't worry, we are paying for it. It has not been forgotten. Now Ryder's new game is LET'S GET MOMMY TO SAY THE F-WORD. As we approached Thanksgiving (you'll see why this is important to note), this conversation erupted:

Ryder days later: Mommy? what's the word that rhymes with duckin?

Mommy: OOOOOH, you must be referring to a Turduckin! Yes, Ryder, it's when you stuff a chicken into a duck, into a turkey! Crazy right? Lame cover-up, I know.

Ryder: not the right answer in his mind No Mommy, what's the BAD word that rhymes with duckin?

So basically, I get this question every other week it seems. Sometimes he goes as far as saying things out-of-the-blue like "Mommy, my teacher says the word that rhymes with Duckin all the time." *sigh* Don't judge.

Duck You.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010



Ryder has recently gotten heavily into teasing-by-chanting.... you know, repeating yourself over and over. Here was his offense last night...

Ryder: You are a lawyer, you are a lawyer, you are a lawyer!

Me: Do you know what a Lawyer is?

Ryder: No

Case dismissed.

Monday, March 8, 2010

My New Name Is...


This is what Ryder has chosen for his new moniker. He also changed Hayden's name, mine and Daddy's. Ryder has really streamlined our family. When you see any of us from now's Jacob. Makes it easy. (no, we don't let him watch LOST. He's 4. I am not that crappy of a parent.)

When I was in Kindergarten, I hated my name and changed it to Kathy. I wrote it on all of my artwork. I used to draw "Spider's on Roller Skates"...or at least Kathy did.  She still hangs out with me from time to time. She ate some Girl Scout cookies with me last night. I had none.

This is how I gauge that  Ryder's behavior is normal, because I am normal.


I made this. I might be able to bust out some lego pieces...if I do, I'll tell you. Check out these awesome cakes on Ohdeedoh.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oprah told me to live my best life...but


So, the person I want to be, would be heading to the craft store to make this awesome project- courtesy of Just a Night Owl blog. I WILL do it...after I clean my desk...which has piles of things dating back to last year.


I guess I will have to be satisfied with this creative decor - our bed post tie rack. Of course I can't take credit for this one either...obviously, it is designed by Ryder.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Free Art!

I am always oohing and ahhhing over many children's sites that have great artwork for sale. Another fabulous find! Feed Your Soul: the free art project. Here, you can Download FREE PRINTS from artists who are trying to promote their work during this tough economic time! Print 'em, frame 'em, love 'em, even switch 'em when you're bored. Done!