Saturday, March 20, 2010

YouTube, My Savior.

When times are tough, parents lean on technology. GUILTY. My newest bail-out is my Droid. I have the You Tube app, and it is turning into my favorite one. One day I searched Dr. Seuss and found that almost every book has some Scholastic book/movie/cartoon/video thing. When I am in a's Green Eggs and Ham

This morning, Ryder was watching the ZAKS. When it ended I came over, only to realize he was now watching Fox in Socks. What? How did he get there? Oh, a finger swipe on YouTube and a tap to select. Yes, he can control it now. I felt amazed by this.

Thank you Dr. Seuss. We acknowledge you daily. We have about 15 of your books and Ryder has many of them memorized.

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